The game of KARMA

Here is new a game. This is not yet on iTunes, because it needs a a lot more processing power.. but we will get there.It is played by ONE person

You create many virtual worlds and times,
Then you create your many Avatars in the game.
You are playing all the Avatars at the same time, each at different levels in the game.
One Avatar may be playing against other Avatar, so you are essentially playing against yourself.
So whats the catch? and what are the rules?
Well, its really simple. You enter the game FORGETTING who you are.
The game ends when you REMEMBER who you are.And note that ALL AVATARS have to remember. Because they are ALL YOU.
So you go through multiple levels with increasing difficulty.The game is complicated as many avatars at different levels are playing in the same game.At each level  you get a piece of clue. You keep repeating the level unless you get hold of  at least one clue.If it gets impossible, it is good idea to go down a level and start all over again.As you go up the levels it becomes more and more easy to find the clues.In the last level you have all the pieces, and as you complete the puzzle, you REMEMBER and then that avatar crashes out of the game.
But you see, One avatar cracking the puzzle does not end the game, because other Avatars are still playing.So before killing the Avatar that has reached expert level, if you are smart, you should set the higher level in such a way, that that Avatar helps a couple of other Avatars through their difficult level.
That also helps master Avatars to get some additional clues. So overall you can fast forward the game and your overall task for completing the game keeps decreasing.
Remember, once an Avatar crashes out of the game, it does not reenter.
So you should have a system of reward there for the pro and expert level, when they help other Avatars.This way you should be able to use your `pro’s and `masters’ to help the Avatars struggling at primary level.
The game is extremely entertaining with popular mix of enemies, combat, success, failure, love and betrayal, empires and wars.
It has all the drama, romance, comedy, horror, magic, suspense- every genre.
Most of the primary levels are spent in exploring all those virtual worlds and virtual times.
An ordinary Avatar repeats a level many times loving, hating, fighting, lusting, earning, enjoying, suffering….before he realizes, that what he should be really doing is looking for the Clues.
It takes him many levels to realize that you don’t necessarily earn points by being a millionaire or winning a battle.Neither do you earn points when you remain in poverty or meekly surrender.
As we said.. the fun is finding out where the clue lies and what you need to do to find it.
The clue is the pass to end a level and enter the next, you leave the level only with that clue with you and nothing else.No money no love, no property no recommendations goes with you. Your bag of clues is your pass to the next level or the same level (with the lack of any new clues)
And here is a secret i want to share. The beauty is that ALL the clues that you need to end the game are present at every level, even at beginner’s level.
So rarely some avatar may turn out to be very lucky or very smart, and can crash out right from there. But that is not much use to you, as that Avatar will exit solo and your overall task remains the same.It makes sense to keep the promising one’s playing so that they can help others.
Sounds like fun? Wanna play the game?
You know what, you are already in the ONE!
And if you are reading this, you are about to get some good clues;-)

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