The pursuit of happiness!


`Don’t worry. Be Happy’.

God said to Adam and Eve. And He meant it. He looked lovingly at both, His creation in His own Image.He looked into their eyes, which were filled with innocence and joy. He looked around in the Garden of Eden. What was there not to be happy about? They had everything they want for all their needs and beyond, and they have each other!  God was pleased and he left the garden to run some errands. On his way out he told the Happiness to hang around. The naughty boy he was, he indeed hung around but never let himself in their sight. But really there was no need and his mere presence was all that mattered.

As God left Adam told Eve, ` He is so Nice. He said don’t worry. Be happy. We are happy aren’t we? But I don’t know what worry is. But do we have to KNOW?’. `Not at all’. Eve said giggling. Let’s play hide and seek. How that Happiness plays with us. Let’s catch him’.  And indeed three of them played and laughed and time passed.

One day, it was Happiness’s turn to hide and Adam & Eve were to seek him. As they turned around a densely shaded tree, they bumped into a stranger.

`Hi there’. He said, in the sweetest voice they have ever heard.

`Hi’  Eve was first to respond. `Who are you? Do you want to play with us?’

`Oh No. I don’t play. I am a serious guy.’ Stranger said.

This was all new to Adam. `Why don’t you play? God told us to Play’.  He said.

`Really?’ The stranger said with a weird tone. `And what else did Mr. God tell you?’

`Well, he told us to be Happy!’ Adam replied.

`I see.’ The stranger said. `And.. are you?’

`Yes we are. Aren’t we?’ Adam looked at Eve questioningly.

Eve considered.`I guess .’  She said with a hint of uncertainty.

`There there, let us all sit down.’ The stranger made both sit down under that fabulous tree.

Happiness was watching all this from behind the tree. He didn’t like what was happening. But he still decided to hang on, as  God had told him to.

`So God has told you to BE HAPPY. He didn’t say you ARE HAPPY. Did he? So do you have any plan how to be happy?

This was new. And first time in the history of humanity, Adam’s brow furrowed. Indeed he didn’t have any plan.

`I guessed so.’  Stranger said reading Adam’s face. ` Well. You are lucky that you have ME now.’

`And Who are you?’ Eve finally asked.

`I am Mr. Serpent. I am Happiness Management Consultant. I offer my services for free. Absolutely FREE! ‘  He stressed and looked at Adam.

Adam didn’t know if he was suppose to understand something. But FREE was the only word he knew.

`Well, the only thing I ask you in return is that you follow my advice, because, believe me, it is only for your good that I will be your consultant for ever in your pursuit of happiness.’

Eve didn’t understand anything. But she liked the way serpent talked with authority and control, which Adam never showed before.

Just then a fruit fell down right in front of them from the tree. They have never seen this before. It was ruby-red and had such a sweet smell.

`Let me explain to you, why you need me.’ Serpent took the apple in his hand. `Look at this fruit. Adam, what do you think of this.?’

Adam shrugged `It is nice.’

`And Eve?  What do you think?’

`Well, it is red and it must be soft and sweet.’ Eve said

`And you think it will make you happy?’ Serpent asked, expecting the obvious.

` I think so.’  Eve said.

`But what if it is not red inside?  There are many fruits that are not sweet at all and some fruits have a bitter hard-core. You will not be happy if you eat the wrong fruit.’

That got Adam worried.  God has explicitly told him to be happy. Adam has to make sure that he is happy. He really needed help.

God had also told him to not to worry (As He had provided the best for him all around. There were no rotten apples in the Garden of Eden.) But now there was a doubt and with doubt came the worry. Since Adam never knew what worry was, he did not know what was happening.

`You see, you will KNOW only when you eat the fruit. And don’t you think that you have to KNOW?’  Serpent continued, ` You think you are happy. But are you happy enough? Perhaps there is more happiness to be found, there may be different kinds of happiness that needs to be explored. You may have to trade a bit of happiness to get more happiness. You may have to invest happiness, and do without for a while, so that you get lot more of it in future.’

All this was beyond Adam and Eve. It started dawning on Adam that he needed help to be happy and he definitely should have a good plan to do so.

Eve was consumed with a feeling that she is not happy at all and happiness is something more and something different that should to be explored.

So both of them decided to hire the serpent as their Happiness Management Consultant forever and took bite of the apple.

Happiness was watching all this from behind the tree of Knowledge. When he realized he is going to be managed, he ran away as far as he can. That is how the pursuit of Happiness began!

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