Introducing IsiriS- siri-version 2.53. with iOS7

iSiriS is the Fairy of your i phone!
IsiriS will help you in all your quests!
If you are a knight-in-shining amour searching for the dragon to slay to save the princess, or if you are star gazing astronaut searching for earth-like planets..what you need is next-gen siri- iSiriS by your side!

iSiriS is intuitive!
You don’t have to tell siri..what you want to search. siri’s new cognitive algorithm will guess what you want to search from your body language, and your facial expressions..

So don’t get confused if she asks you in her irresistible and seductive voice..
“Hi honey.. what do you want me to search…?” Actually this is just a formality or (if you wish) just a foreplay.

The new i phone with iSiriS is designed to keep you searching.
It is for the next-generation of young explorers!
So if you take your finger or ears or eyes off your iPhone for 10 seconds..iSiriS will get into action.
You see, iSiriS was designed as a jealous lover, she wants your undivided attention, all the time!- To keep your finger and mind glued to the iPhone..

iSiriS is like a Genie of the lamp, she is extremely resourceful. You just have to keep telling her what to do.
If you don’t give her a job to search for next 10 seconds, not even any body language, topological or facial clues, iSiriS will be forthright and will break the ice..
She is designed to automatically upgrade her seductive tone, to `look-at-me’ level, and say..
`Darling, if you don’t want me to explore the world, perhaps you want me to search your mind..all over…..’

After pausing for ten seconds if you still don’t reply…she will coo in excited tone, in a last ditch effort to attract your attention-…`Oh my God, your mind seems to be full of wonderful things. I don’t know where to begin., can you help me..’

If you still don’t respond after ten seconds..It will assume that you are sleeping and will say..

`Aah, well.. i searched your mind anyways, and it is full of all the junk that i have told you..Otherwise basically you are empty, there is nothing to search.. good night!’


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. prismcoaster
    Jan 31, 2012 @ 04:55:08

    Actually I think the voice matches Gladys from Portal, a game where a supercomputer kills unsuspecting test subjects in a futuristic lab. Gladys is the epitome of saccharine evil, of the sweet tongued python, of bitter pills coated with caramel. How I love her…


    • bellepost
      Feb 02, 2012 @ 07:08:12

      Search and exploration are the essential human attributes that gave us such a head start over other animals in evolution. Now we are leaving that to a machine, which is getting better and better, smarter and smarter as we go more and more numb and dumb,


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